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Mapping and Geographical Information Systems are now vital tools for any form of land management. All land owners and managers require accurate field data to ensure that land is correctly recorded on The Rural Land Register (RLR). This data is essential for access to various grants such as the Basic Payments Scheme and Countryside Stewardship, it is also vital for the day to day management of farms and woodlands included in such schemes.

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Trees and woodland are a fundamental part of our landscape and our appreciation remains an indelible feature of the English psyche. Expert woodland management is the key to maintaining a thriving and diverse resource within our woodlands. At Focus Forestry we aim to provide you with the management tools you need to maximise the benefits of woodland ownership, and the experience and expertise to plan for the short or long-term.

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About Us

Focus Forestry is a full-service woodland management and digital mapping agency based in Dorset. With over 25 years' experience in the UK forestry industry, we have developed a wide network of colleagues whilst undertaking work across a large number of prestigious estates in the South of England.

Focus Forestry understands the different motivations and goals of woodland owners and has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

What our clients say

“The maps created by Focus Forestry to supplement Higher Tier Stewardship applications are the best we’ve seen.” – Woodland Officer, The Forestry Commission

“The production of a Forestry Commission approved Woodland Management Plan has not only informed us about the overall stock and value of our woodlands, but has also given us a plan for increased production and greater biodiversity.”

“The GIS maps produced by Focus Forestry on my estate were largely responsible for our successful Forestry Commission grant application.”

“Mark’s expertise has been invaluable in many areas, and we now produce around 200 tonnes of sustainable timber each year.”

Our Aims

  • To make forestry management accessible to all woodland owners
  • To offer high-quality GIS mapping services for management and grant purposes
  • To provide a vital link between landowners and the Rural Land Register