Forestry & GIS Mapping Services: About Us

Focus Forestry - woodland management, GIS mapping and forestry services

Focus Forestry is a full-service woodland management and digital mapping agency based in Dorset. With over 25 years’ experience in the UK forestry industry, we have developed a wide network of colleagues whilst undertaking work across a large number of prestigious estates in the South of England. We understand the different motivations and goals of woodland owners and have the knowledge and expertise to bring any woodland plan to life.

Our Aims

  • To make forestry management accessible to all woodland owners
  • To offer high-quality GIS mapping services for management and grant purposes
  • To provide a vital link between landowners and the Rural Land Register

About Mark

As someone with a real passion for trees and woodland, Mark has over 25 years of experience within the forestry industry. Mark began as a self-employed contractor, undertaking work for The Forestry Commission, national forestry companies and large country estates. In 1999 he became the Working Forester at Melbury Park Estate in Dorset, where his role expanded to include Geographical Information Systems (GIS) management and IT management.

During this period, Mark developed a freelance business as a GIS consultant. He eventually formed a limited company in 2013 to develop a multi-faceted business offering woodland management and GIS mapping services.

Mark is also the marketing manager for Timber-To, a co-operative timber marketing scheme operating in the South-West of England. Timber-To supply over 25,000 tonnes of sustainable roundwood to sawmills and buyers per annum.

During his time in the industry, Mark has been fortunate enough to develop a wide network of colleagues whilst undertaking work across a large number of prestigious estates in the South of England. However, his passion extends beyond the work environment and Mark is proud to be a committee member and former secretary of The Wessex Silvicultural Group.

Our Woodland Management experience includes:

  • Sub-contractor instruction & supervision
  • Marking and timber selection
  • Continuous-cover forestry regimes
  • Forestry health & safety & risk assessments
  • Conservation area, parkland & veteran tree management
  • Production of Woodland Management Plans and woodland assessment
  • Shoot woodland management
  • Tree hazard assessment
  • Timber marketing & logistics

Our GIS Mapping experience includes:

  • Bespoke map production using Ordnance Survey data, aerial photography & historical map resources
  • Training in the use of Map Maker Pro software
  • Custom maps to accompany SPS/BPS, Countryside Stewardship applications and Woodland Management Plans
  • Estate-wide terrier production
  • Database production
  • RLE1 compilation and direct data submissions to the Rural Land Register/Rural Payments Agency

Our Practical Forestry experience includes:

  • Plantation establishment & maintenance
  • Timber production
  • Coppice management
  • Ride management
  • Selective tending/pruning operations
  • Use of pesticides