Custom GIS Mapping Services

Focus Forestry provide custom GIS Mapping

At Focus Forestry we have the experience and expertise to offer a full range of GIS Mapping services.

Mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are now essential tools for any form of land management. All land owners and managers require accurate field data in order to fulfill the requirement that land is recorded on the Rural Land Register (RLR), which collates information of all holdings within England.

Not only is this essential for access to various grants such as the Basic Payments Scheme and Countryside Stewardship, it is also vital for the day to day management of farms and woodlands included in such schemes.

An essential resource, GIS mapping can provide a plethora of data in a quick-reference format. Basic field data can be linked to a comprehensive database to allow complex levels of information to be displayed and printed. We utilise a variety of source information and background data in both vector and raster format, including Ordnance Survey MasterMap ™, VectorMap ™ and OpenData ™, free to view aerial photography and public datasets. We can also scan and geo-tag existing maps to import them as source data or background images.

Our custom GIS Mapping services include:

Custom maps to accompany RLE1 submissions to ensure accurate holding data on the RLR
As most land-owners & agents will know through experience, the Rural Land Register does not always get it right with regards to holding data. It is therefore essential to supply accurate field data and maps with RLE1s. The punitive penalties for inaccurate field data included in BPS applications can be avoided with the addition of high-quality GIS mapping.

Bespoke maps to accompany Forestry Commission grant applications
Woodland Management Plan (WMP) grant applications, and the resulting Woodland Management Plans, require comprehensive maps. Felling Licence applications also require such maps.

Custom maps to supplement Countryside Stewardship applications
With the advent of the new Countryside Stewardship Schemes and the inclusion of woodland in the higher tier applications, it is imperative that applicants submit accurate GIS mapping to accompany Annex 2 data. Natural England’s maps can be highly problematic and notoriously difficult to interpret, slowing and complicating the application process.

However, the processing of applications and finalising of agreements can be sped up and simplified with the provision of concise and comprehensive GIS mapping. The feedback we’ve received from Natural England and the Forestry Commission has been incredibly positive, with both organisations agreeing that our mapping has allowed applications to be processed much more rapidly.

Comprehensive GIS mapping for forestry management
GIS mapping can assist with woodland management to provide a wealth of information about the woodland environment. Maps can be created that illustrate compartment data/working circles/stand types/designation etc. Sub-compartment mapping via aerial photography can provide vital crop differentiation data useful when planning thinning operations.

GIS Mapping to illustrate land designations
A vast number of land-designations now exist. For example, is your land a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)? Is your woodland recorded as Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW)? Is it recorded as a Plantation on an Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS)? Do Public Rights of Way cross your property? Knowing which land-designations are present on your holding is essential for management, access and grant purposes.

Estate terrier production and farms maps
An accurate inventory of land-types and field data are vital to good land management, providing owners and managers with reliable area and field number details.

Project Mapping
Localised or county-wide surveys that focus on habitat, ecological, historical or other types of data can best be illustrated using GIS mapping. A wide range of free GIS data is now available from the Ordnance Survey to ensure that we can produce attractive, low cost maps that show your results in an easily readable format.

GIS Training
At Focus Forestry we use Map Maker Pro™, a GIS mapping platform well-suited to the requirements of the rural mapping we generally undertake. Should you wish to purchase this very cost-effective software we can offer comprehensive training which will allow you to take the next step in GIS mapping and give you total control over map production and data management.

GIS Mapping Samples